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Who is Encore?

Encore is a proudly owned and operated company nestled in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Montana

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My Story

After many years of opportunities to work with some great construction firms all over the country, it's time to approach the Construction Industry a bit differently. A favorite quote from a beloved child's movie, "See a need, fill a need," was one of the many points of inspiration for Encore Creations and Consulting. I truly have a passion for construction, and am even more passionate about ensuring that a successful project leaves every person involved with a smile on their face, and an experience that they can look back on with pride. This approach allows me to help achieve these things in a whole new way!

My wife and I moved to Montana in Spring of 2018 from Castle Rock, Colorado. We had visited the year before and absolutely fell in love - not just with the valley, but with its' people, its' kindness, and its' opportunity. It definitely called to us as a perfect place to start a family - and we're doing just that! Over the duration of my career, I've worked for all shapes and sizes of Construction Companies - from firms who do $14B in revenue per year, to Small Businesses specializing in High End Custom Homebuilding. I've been a part of many great teams as we've managed construction of homes, office buildings, medical facilities, hotels, consolidated car rental facilities, and much more! I've been lucky enough to learn from each experience and meet many amazing people - and it has shaped who I am today. I look forward to sharing what I've learned with the valley and helping to reach your goals!

A Bit About Ownership

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